When people think of modeling, they usually think of runway shows or models represented in glossy fashion magazines.

The fashion industry employs the highest number of models.

Modeling is one of those exclusive professions that lends itself to implementing your creative skills in diverse ways.

Let us look at the different types of Models in the Fashion World

Fashion models or editorial models. Editorial or 'print' modeling refers to storytelling through pictures.

With the internet boom, catalog models are in demand, more than ever before.

Their purpose is to attract customers to purchase products or avail their services, using catchy visuals and well-written content

Commercial models can don different hats according to the demands of the clients.

It is never too late to start working as a professional mature model. More than experience, it is important that you are comfortable behind the frame.

Promotional models are also known as promo models or brand ambassadors.

A Parts Model specializes in modeling for specific parts of the body such as hand, leg, feet, facial features.

Fitness modeling is a highly competitive industry that takes hard work, determination, and dedication.

Glamour modeling is a type of modeling which focuses on a model's appearance or presentation.

Swimsuits and lingerie models are often confused with glamour models, but they are not the same.

Think wide-eyed babies, grinning from ear to ear, donning the latest kids couture or endorsing a range of products.

If you have unique looks, ooze confidence, sport a signature style and have the right attitude, petite modeling can be a perfect fit for you.


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