Without question, photography plays a major role in global fashion culture and its industry

Our everyday lives are oversaturated with fashion images, magazines and blogs.

A fashion photograph and its importance are dependent on a whole network of influences.

The US version of Vogue magazine published a war photography series called »Believe it«

Miller’s coverage clearly of a documentary nature composed with the unique insight of an official war

Camilla Nickerson’s body of work as a fashion editor and stylist has been one of the most notable since the nineties for defining the moment

Nickerson clearly shows throughout her images that fashion can clearly become documentary and documentary can clearly become fashion.

it’ll become something that transcends time. That you will remember.

It’s incredibly difficult to convey magic in a photograph with such an influx of images all the time, but when it does work, it really stays with you«.

You might not be directly aware of it, but if it touches you, then something is being communicated.

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