The story of color in photography is a fascinating one.

Originally seen as crass and unsophisticated by the black-and-white-shooting elite, perceptions slowly changed

Bright patchwork of colors in shadowed alleyways, lit by the warming glow of morning light are so vivid and vibrant .

William Eggleston, referred to by some as the ‘Godfather of Colour’ and a pivotal figure in helping turn colour photography

Miles sees a color coordinated, graphically pure, hard-edged reality

He creates lurid, technicolour worlds and populates them with glamorous, beautiful women.

David Burdeny is known for his precise and deliberate colour palettes

His images have something of the painterly expressiveness of Mark Rothko or late career Willem de Kooning.

In fact 84.7% of consumers attribute colour as the main reason for product purchases.  

Being consistent and accurate with your product photography builds confidence, trust and loyalty. 

In Lenspassions Photography we tried to  push boundaries of colour images.