Sony Announcing New a6600 alpha series camera

Come again with new sony a6600 camera will be launched in October 2019

Sony announcing a new A6600. with resolution 24.2-megapixel APS-C sensors

And custom button and dial With 2.2 times longer battery life. The A6600, is the flagship camera of the new lineup, offering impressive-sounding specs in a small body

that's an upgrade from the previous A6400 and A6500 It’s using Sony's Real-time Tracking and Real-time Eye AF systems, as previously seen in the latest firmware of the sports-shooting Sony a9.

These are the name Sony gives to two aspects of its latest AF system. Real-time Tracking refers to how the camera follows and focuses on your subject.

Essentially, in any of the camera's Tracking AF area modes, the camera will track whatever you've pointed it at, and will switch to and from the face and eye detection AF where it's appropriate.


This means you can disable most of the other AF area modes and just trust the camera to follow your subject.

Real-time Eye AF simply refers to the camera's ability to use its eye-detection AF without you having to hold down a separate button.

This latest version has 425 wide focus points with 4D focus.  What is 4D Focus Technology, watch a live demonstration

4D FOCUS technology enables superior autofocus performance in four dimensions: wide autofocus coverage fast autofocus speed and enhanced predictive tracking (4D time). Up to take 116 continues shots with 11 frames per seconds in Auto Focus mode

It also has a 5-axis in-body image stabilization that equivalent to a 5-step*1 faster shutter setting,  high image quality, stamina, and operability, both for still shots or movies,  It offers 24.2 approx effective resolution with ISO 32000

Real-time tracking and Real-Time Eye focus also available in a6600

Like other Sony cameras, it has the same flip screen and also with microphone and headphone jacks

That’s all for now, we will meet again with new gear.

Know more about watch above video.

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