Project type

Commissioned Photography
Location Amritsar

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You’ve got a particular vision of a photo you want to see.  You might not see every detail completely, but you’ve got an overall feel for what you want to see.  You do a search online and don’t find anything which quite works the way you hope.  However, you still want that photo.  What do you do next?  Why, you commission a photographer to take the photo for you via a photo project.

Commissioning a photo or several photos sounds like an easy job.  You may think it’s as simple as step 1: find a photographer and tell him or her what you want to see in the final product.  Step 2: sit back as the photographer completes the work.  Step 3: enjoy your new photo at the end.  While it sounds easy, commissioning a photo project really isn’t that easy at all.  There’s a lot of homework for you to do on your end and that’s what we’re talking about today.