New object selection tool & features in Adobe Photoshop 2020

Adobe upgraded Photoshop cc 2019 to Photoshop 2020

Where Adobe added new features there they improved their traditional performance.

The speed of opening file in photoshop  has improved dramatically.

Whereas this could often take 2 seconds to load, Adobe has reduced this time to just 0.13 seconds.

Content-Aware Fill is 12 percent faster

and comes with additional ways to choose what content in the layer is sourced.

Lens Blur is 4-5 times faster.

Mac users will also be happy about improved performance across the board,

especially with things such as file open times.

Just quick look to the main new features

Cloud documents

Improvement in presets



Improved properties panel

New Object Selection tool




Smart objects to layers

Consistent transform behavior




Enhanced Transform Warp






Watch the video in detail:- 

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