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Corporate Photography Service and Prices

Start here-  use this page to plan and price your own shoot – select the on site service of interest  – spend a few minutes reading about the shooting time and process – use the helpful pricing tables at bottom of the page to calculate the cost of your shoot.


Corporate Candid Shots

Group Shots

How Our Pricing Works

We only charge for blocks of time spent on your site setting up a studio and shooting corporate headshot, portrait, action shots or group shots. The page below is split into sections explaining how long, on average, each type of photograph takes to shoot and get the best result. Multiply these times by your own staff photography requirements and add in studio set up time. Use price tables to select nearest block of time on site.

Headshot 15 Minutes

Headshot 15 minutes per person

A corporate headshot takes, on average, 15 minutes per person to shoot, after we’ve set up a studio.  This time is spent:

  • Relaxing, explaining the process and finding common ground.
  • Coaching and showing your people ways they can minimise their perceived imperfections.
  • Shaping their face with the best light for their individual facial shape and weight.
  • Taking some shots, showing results, making adjustments, taking more shots until we get a shot that your employee is happy with.

We firmly believe your employees should be happy with how they look on your website or publicity material, after all they are allowing you to use their image and this is very personal. This is why we’ve developed a winning process that turns a nerve racking experience, for some, into a fun motivational day…guaranteed.


Corporate Portrait 30 minutes per person

A corporate portrait takes a little more time than a corporate headshot to shoot because there’s more background to control and more of the body to light and arrange into a pleasing composition. Full, half or 3/4 length corporate portrait takes around 30 to 35 minutes to shoot. The 30 minutes is spent relaxing, coaching, sculpting the face/body with light, taking some shots, showing results, making adjustments, taking more shots until we get the winner. For great results where expression, torso, arms, legs, and background all contribute to making a great picture and a happy boss or team member, check out price guide and examples

Team group shot in 30 minutes

A great team Or group shot takes around 30 minutes, sometimes longer, depending on the size of the group and how well they work as a team. The time is spent relaxing, coaching, arranging members into a pleasing composition and lighting the group evenly. We often shoot team group shots with a camera connected to a laptop screen so the team gets instant feedback on how they look on camera. This allows the team to make adjustments to their position, expression, and placement of arms or legs. It is essential to take lots of shots to ensure all expressions work together and nobody blinks or grimaces. The colors your team wear for the shoot, their arms, legs, and body positions can all make or break a group shot.


Corporate Action Shots

Corporate action shots are a great way to show potential customers you have a great team ready to help. This is massively important in the digital age where customers very rarely visit a business in person so don’t have the reassurance of seeing an office full of people working on their behalf. For best results shooting corporate action shots we set up and style the room with branding or props, manage the lighting, coach your team and give them a hypothetical task, presentation or predefined problem to solve. Corporate action shots can be great time fillers and help you get the best value for money out of our time on site price packages below.

Setting Up Our On-Site Studio

It takes about 30 minutes to change the average meeting  or boardroom into a working photography studio. To ensure this setup time is kept to a 30-minute maximum help us with parking so we can unload equipment and provide clear access to a de-cluttered room. Remember to include this 30 minutes when choosing the best time on site plan from the price tables below.

Steps to Price your Shoot

Follow these steps to plan, price and budget your corporate photography shoot


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Step 1

Decide how many and what type of photographs you need and make a note the time each type takes to shoot. If you’ve missed this information scroll back up page or use button below.

Step 2

Next multiply the number of employees being photographed by the time each photo type takes to shoot – add in 20 minutes studio set up time to give you total time in minutes. Scroll up or click button for studio setup details


Step 3

Select the nearest time on site package from tables below. Not a perfect fit! Consider what other corporate image types we can shoot while on your site. Using up the rest of the time for best value and useful future image stock.

2 HOURS (120 mins Approx)

Shooting time 100 mins

Studio set up time 30 mins

4 HOURS (240 mins Aprox)

Shooting time 220 mins

Studio set up time 30 mins

6 HOURS (360 minutes Aprox)

Shooting time 340 mins

Studio set up time 30 mins